Friday, June 19, 2015

How to Earn Badges in Audible's Mobile Apps

I do most of my audio-book listening using Audible, specifically, the Audible app on my iPhone. One of the extra features of the app is that you can earn badges as you listen to your books. There are 15 different badges you can earn. From what I understand, Android devices and Kindle Fire devices utilize the same feature.

The badges you earn on one device from an Audible app sync between devices (like when I listen from my iPad at night vs. my iPhone in the car).

There are three different levels of badges you can obtain: silver, gold, and platinum.

Mount Everest:
Complete an Audible book that is longer than 24 hours long. (Infinite Jest did the trick for me!)

Look at your profile page and badge page and switch back (in and out) over 50 times to obtain the Watchtower badge.

Read in at least 2 books in the course of any consecutive 7 day period.

Weekend Warrior:
Listen to an audible book for at least a total of 10 hours on a weekend.

Night Owl:
Listen to any selection of books for a course of at least 8 hours on any given night.

Repeat Listener:
Listen to the same book 3 or more times in a given day or week.

Daily Dipper:
Listen to books on any 7 consecutive days.

High Noon:
Read a book for at least 3 hours during a lunchtime stretch between 11am and 3pm.

The Closer:
Complete an entire book in one session.

Listen to an Audible book for at least 2 consecutive hours in a day.

Listen to 3 book titles in one day.

The Stack:
Have at least 50 Audible audio-books in your library.

Social Butterfly:
Share your badge progress 5 times on Twitter and Facebook.

Place 10 bookmarks in a single book.

Dabbler (the only one I don't have yet):
I messaged Audible about this and they said they discontinued this badge. I don't know why it still appears in the badge collection at this point.

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