Thursday, January 14, 2010


I want to write more in general and blog more as well. But I never seem to know where to start or what to write about. There's always a plethora of things on my mind... of course right now there is Haiti... and when I think about the tragedy there... all of the loss of life and destruction... well it seems wrong to talk about anything else right now... but I don't have anything to say about it either... it breaks my heart... and I'm praying for the people there... I know several people who have been there on mission trips and one of my friends is engaged to a guy from there... so it hits closer to home than some things that happen in other countries... I guess all I can do is pray and urge you to pray and if you can do more in some kind of financial way or by physically going on a trip to help... than by all means, do so!

From Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY:

"For those who want to help immediately we ask that they donate directly to those agencies who are first responders. These can be either international aid agencies or ones that are located locally but work in Haiti.
Agencies include: GoMinistries, Edge Outreach, American Red Cross and the Salvation Army.
There are many ministries in the process of developing plans for appropriate short and long-term relief.
Ministries we are associated with are:
Edge Outreach:
Go Ministries:
We are awaiting information from our members who are missionaries in Haiti as to the true needs and we will be responsive to their direction on what is needed and when. As the needs arrive for skilled workers to help with medical, construction etc., teams could possibly be sent in the months to come."

Copy and pasted from my friend Betsy's blog:

Be a difference maker today!
Edit: Here is a list of some organizations you can support through their efforts for Haiti…
Red Cross:
You can also text the word HAITI to 90999 and give to the Red Cross for earthquake relief in Haiti. It will be posted on your cell phone bill.

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