Monday, April 20, 2009

How Should We Pray When We Suffer?

Here are some excerpts from a blog I just read that really resonated with me. It was on The Resurgence blog and it was written by Jonathan Dodson.

How Should We Pray When We Suffer?
In Psalm 4 "David barges into God's presence and declares: "Answer me when I call, O God of my righteousness!" in a display of such daring boldness, such urgency, and such humility. All too often our daring prayers are prayers that sprout from pride, not humility, and from anger, not desperation. Our "answer me when I call" becomes a cry of disgust, not desperation."

I want release from the pain...

"But God wanted me to linger in the pain and the suffering until I was desperate, not for kindness and vindication from men, but for grace and mercy from him to endure hardship."


How Then Should We Pray?

How should we pray when we suffer?

  • Honestly and with humility.
  • Boldly and with confidence in his blessing.
  • Desperately, with our eyes not on our escape, but upon our Lord.
  • Hopefully, by directing our hope to the grace that comes through a cross, not a courtroom.
  • Repentantly, as we let go of sinful demands for vindication and cling to his provision in self-sacrificing propitiation.
  • Pietistically, wanting more than anything a deeper communion with Him.
  • Lovingly, seeking to obtain that mercy for our suffering in order to turn it into grace for our attackers.
  • Thankfully, for his perfect design and provision in our suffering to bring us the greatest good.
  • Worshipfully, acknowledging that Christ alone is sufficient for our failures and our sufferings."
Read the whole thing here: How Should We Pray When We Suffer?

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