Monday, September 03, 2012

Media Monday: TV 2011-2012

Last TV Season these are the shows I kept up with (more or less):
1. The Big Bang Theory 
(I love all the nerdy sci-fi/fantasy/comic book references - and you gotta love Sheldon!)
2. Once Upon a Time 
(Fairy Tales meet the real world! Need I say more??)
3. Glee 
(I like the music. It's fun. Don't judge me. :)
4. The Vampire Diaries 
(I understand if you judge me for this one, I just don't care. I'm intrigued with stories with mythologies, even vampires and werewolves.)

Shows I wanted (or mildly wanted) to watch but didn't: 
1. Ringer* (because of Buffy Summers, I mean Sarah Michelle Gellar)
2. Revenge (because of Emily VanCamp - I miss Everwood, not the same show. at all. but still)
3. Awake* (intriguing premise, which reality is reality?)
4. Person of Interest* (conspirasy theory and Jim Caviezel)
5. Alphas (I really want to watch this one!)
6. Warehouse 13 (sci-fi)
7. Being Human* (sci-fi/see rationale for Vampire Diaries)
8. Terra Nova* (sorta sci-fi/dinosaurs...)
9. Falling Skies (sci-fi/aliens)
10. Modern Family* (funny, sometimes)
11. Mike & Molly* (I miss Suki/the Gilmore Girls!)
12. NCIS: Los Angeles
13. Nikita
14. Game of Thrones (I don't know if I'll ever watch this, but I plan on reading the books.)
15. Missing (because of Ashley Judd)
16. Touch (because of Kiefer Sutherland)
17. Psych* (haven't seen this since season 1 I think.)
18. Sherlock
19. Grimm (fairy tales, but it's too dark for my liking really)
*I caught anywhere from one to four or five episodes of these shows

Shows I seriously plan on watching/catching up on:
1. Merlin
2. NCIS (need to finish season 8 so I can watch season 9!)
3. Fringe
4. Dr. Who (starting with 2005)

Shows I miss the most:
1. Smallville
2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
3. The 4400 (left us hanging...)
4. Firefly (One season? Really?)
5. Lost (I still want a better ending.)
6. 24 (what? they could have let Jack Bauer save the world from aliens or something... they hadn't done that yet...)
7. Heroes (I need to finish watching the series, though I've been told I'll be dissappointed...)
8. Kyle XY (Are you noticing a theme here? What can I say? I love the sci-fi/superhero/fantasy stuff, we've been over this, no surprises here :-)

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