Sunday, August 06, 2006

Psalm 51 - Neyhart's Paraphrase

As I may have already mentioned on here, my Sunday School class at Southeast is doing a study on spiritual disciplines. This week's challenge set before us was regarding meditation. We were given a specific challenge within that (which I like) - that was to find a Psalm that you like / resonate with and rewrite it in your own words, with your own emotions/circumstances (probably not being chased by an army into a cave like David was... most of us anyway) and so on. I was pretty excited about it and got started already - let me know what you think.

Psalm 51

(Neyhart’s paraphrase)**

(1) Most Holy God and merciful Father, show me Your grace.

You are as loving and compassionate as You are just;

Not that I deserve it, but because of Your love,

please give me a clean slate.

(2) Wash me thoroughly in the blood of the Lamb;

Remove my sin completely, purify me.

(3) Lord I know I keep messing up, my sin is my shame;

It is always at the front of my mind.

(4) Worst of all, it is You I have sinned against,

I’ve let You down, doing the exact opposite of what You want me to do.

My ultimate crime is against You and Your Holy Law –

I might as well have been the one who nailed my Savior to the cross.

So You are right in Your verdict,

and blameless when You pronounce judgment

(5) I’ve been sinful my whole life;

My very nature has been fighting against You since I was born

(6) But what You want from me is true sincerity in my inmost being

You are writing on my heart Your Truth.

(7) Purge me of my sin completely,

and I will be spiritually cleansed;

Wash me in the blood of Jesus,

and I will be whiter than freshly fallen snow.

(8) Fill me with Your joy again,

That this sinner who was broken,

Collapsing under guilt and shame,

May rejoice in You Lord once again.

(9) Please don’t look at my sins a second longer,

Erase all of them forever

(10) Create a clean heart in me Father - give me a fresh start,

And renew a right, unwavering spirit within me.

(11) Do not make me leave Your presence,

And don’t stop working on me with Your Spirit.

(12) Restore to me the joy of Your salvation

And sustain me with Your Spirit.

(13) Then I will teach the lost Your ways,

That they too may find their life in You.

(14) Deliver me from the guilt of disobedience Father, God of my salvation

And my voice will sing loud of Your righteousness.

(15) Lord open my mouth and I will declare Your praise

(16) For You do not want me going through the motions anymore.

What You want is genuine repentance

(17)That comes from a broken spirit – and shattered pride.

A broken, repentant heart, full of godly sorrow,

You will not turn away.

(18) Do good for Your kingdom Lord;

Build Your church.

(19) Then there will be righteous sacrifices;

Genuine praise and offerings to delight You;

There will be sacrifices of praise in abundance offered to You.

** I used the Message, TNIV, The New King James Version, and notes from the Macarthur Study Bible and Charles Spurgeon’s Treasury of David to help in my paraphrase of the Psalm

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